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Architectural Process

Plans to renovate your existing home or have your dream new home or investment property come to life? 

The below stages explain our architectural process that can be modified to best suit you and your projects needs:

1. Initial Meeting

We can meet for a free initial meeting wherever it best suits you. Be that in a cosy cafe or out on site, we will discuss your thoughts and dreams of your project and what services DELACO can best provide.

A project brief is established and the preferred method of Contract pricing is discussed (See 6. Procurement below) from which a fee estimate is prepared for the services provided during the project.

2. Concept Design and Site Feasibility

The brief is first brought to life by creating a conceptual floor plan from initial design ideas considering any existing site features. This process involves a combination of sketches, CAD and reference imagery to bring all the ideas together.

If the project requires, a Bulk and Location Feasibility study can be carried out to show maximized yield and site layout against the district plan rules that the site is located in.

The study is to highlight any know non-compliance's when the proposed layout is referenced against the Territorial Authorities (TA) District Plan rules such as site density, site coverage, landscaping, car parking, daylight recession planes etc.

Other services included:

  • Arrange and/or coordinate topographical survey of the site as required

  • Arrange and/or coordinate Geo-technical testing of the site as required

3. Preliminary Design

The initial design from the concept stage is refined further focusing on the form of the building including roof and wall cladding sections, external features etc.

Together we meet again to present and discuss the preliminary design of the project. At this point we review the proposed design and iron out any final changes in preparation for initial pricing.

The design is likely to be suitable at the end of this stage to begin preliminary Consultant design and initial Contractors pricing.

Also at this stage a PIM can be applied for to the TA if required. The TA complete a review of the proposed project and flag and unforeseen breaches to the rules. 

​If there are known non-compliance's with the District Plan rules a Resource Consent can be also be applied for at this stage. DELACO will determine if the nature of the non-compliance can be applied for in house or a external specialized Consultant is required.

4. Developed Design

The design is developed into documentation suitable for contractors pricing prior to proceeding to detailed design. Consultants Preliminary Designs (if any) are coordinated and integrated with the proposed design.

DELACO can then issue documentation to your preferred or DELACO suggested Contractor for Developed Design pricing. Pricing at this stage will be fairly accurate and will provide a clearer understanding of the project costs. 

5. Detailed Design

The developed design is refined to include comprehensive construction detailing and required supporting documentation attached ready for Building Consent application. A final coordination of other Consultants designs will be carried out and integrated into the final documentation. 

6. Procurement 

At DELACO Architecture we provide two options of Procurement that best suits you and your project budget:

a. Design Only

DELACO Architecture generally work on a design only basis where that we will support in coordinating with a Contractor throughout the design process. The building contract would then be between the Contractor and yourself. 

b. Lead Consultant

DELACO however, can structure a contract where we are the Lead Consultant throughout the construction of the project. At the end of detailed design, we will issue a Tender Documentation Set to your preferred Contractor or DELACO suggested Contractor or both.

We will control the Tender process, analyse the responses, and report it back to you for selection.

7. Building Consent

On the approval to proceed to building consent, DELACO will complete all necessary forms required for the application of a building consent to the territorial authority. DELACO will submit all documentation, on the owner’s approval for  building consent and manage the application through to approval. Request For Information (RFI’s) can be requested by the building consent officer(s) on review of the documentation.

8. Construction Monitoring

While during construction DELACO's involvement includes but is not limited to taking and distributing meeting minutes, Site Meetings, Design Meetings, Selections of Fixtures, Fittings and Finishes, Contractor Requests, As Built Documentation and Scope Changes.

If the Design Only option is selected the above tasks will be carried out on a charge up and reimbursable basis as and when required.

As a lead consultant there is an additional inclusion contract administration. This includes assessing of payment claims, issuing payments schedules, and issuing of notices for variations.

The Construction Monitoring fee can vary either as a combination of charge up & reimbursable costs and/or percentage-based fee of the build price.

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