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House + Land Process

DELACO create custom House + Land packages that are specific to each individual property. DELACO believe in a local, personal approach that has thoughtfully designed sections and homes that function harmoniously within it's environment.

Our process is focused on a collaborative approach throughout the House + Land Design with specific attention to the individual details of each project.

Does a House + Land work for you?

Our House + Land process works if you are a:

Land Owner and you want to:

  • subdivide and sell the section through DELACO with a supporting Architecturally designed, site specific concept package .

  • take the subdivision one step further and have DELACO architecturally design for you your new home or investment property ready to build.

Builder and you are:

  • Ready for your next project. DELACO will provide to you a near shovel ready project to price and will market the package to find a buyer for the build.

How can the House + Land work for you?

To find out more about the DELACO House + Land Process and how it can best work for you, get in touch with us, we would love to meet with you.

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