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Survey + Subdivision Process

Do you have a back yard with development potential, a larger lot of land

to be subdivided or need a site surveyed to provide topographical and

existing features data?


DELACO is your complete surveying and development solution.


So, what does the term "subdivision" mean?

Essentially this means breaking down your property into smaller sections,

which can be developed or sold as individual plots of land.


We are able to help you with a variety of subdivision types including and

not limited to:

  • Infill subdivisions, 

  • Rural subdivisions, 

  • Land development

  • Cross-lease subdivisions.

  • Unit Title subdivisions




What does our process involve?

1. Preliminary Concept and Feasibility.

An investigation is carried out to maximise yield and site layout against the district plan rules that the site is located in. This evaluates allotment sizes, density requirements, access widths, infrastructure layouts and so on.

2. Proposed Subdivision Scheme Plan

The initial design from the concept stage is refined to produce a formal scheme plan with proposed boundary dimensions, areas, easements, services etc. A UAV survey is carried out to obtain current aerial imagery as well as 3D modelling of the site for design purposes if relevant.


3. Resource Consent Application

In accordance with the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), a consent application is prepared for the proposed subdivision activity. This includes a full report with an assessment of environmental effects.


4. Infrastructure Design

All required services specified by the approved resource consent conditions are designed and applied for with their local council. Contractors are managed by Delaco Ltd for a supervision fee22. If a Right of Way is proposed, then an engineering design is required to be submitted and approved by council development engineers.

5. Legal Land Transfer Survey

Survey fieldwork is carried out on-site by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor to place new boundary markers. This includes searching for and surveying existing survey marks around the neighbourhood as required by LINZ. 

6. Final Council Release Application (s223/s224)

On the satisfactory completion of all consent conditions, an application to the local council will be submitted for final completion certificates.


7. e-Survey Dataset Preparation

On the satisfactory completion of all consent conditions, an application to the local council will be submitted for final completion certificates.

8. e-Survey Submission with LINZ & Completion

Formal lodgement and allow for 20 working days to process. On LINZ ‘approved as to survey’ notification, our work is then complete, and your solicitor will apply for new titles.

We endeavour to complete any subdivision within 6 months of obtaining the approved consent. Formal progress updates will be provided on the completion of milestone items.


Why choose Delaco?

⦁    We are your complete development solution
⦁    We are your one-stop-shop for development (your development partner)
⦁    We are personable
⦁    We are relatable
⦁    We are a small/niche
⦁    We offer you one point of contact
⦁    We are hands-on (management and in the field)
⦁    We are loyal, honest, and offer you a fair pricing structure.
⦁    We offer a holistic approach to development, we are not just worried about individual services.
⦁    We are design-led 
⦁    We offer architectural/smart design processes throughout

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