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Frankley Road House



Completed 2019.

A property with a garage 25 meters detached from the original house was a development needing to happen. The client had the garage subdivided from the original house and Delaco was tasked to design a renovation of the garage and add a new extension to create a modern styled 3-bedroom home.

The new extension contains 2 double bedrooms, bathrooms and a large open plan living space that has great connection to the sunny outdoor living space.

The garage foundations and wall framing remained while the roof and claddings were removed and replaced. As the existing garage was oversized relative to the proposed development, a master bedroom with an ensuite was designed to the rear of the new, smaller double garage.Linking the two structures is a light filled entrance that draws you in as you approach the home.

The new extension was designed to contrast the renovated garage in the method of materials & form, a reflection of original and new on the site.

​The end result is a compact and efficient townhouse using existing site structures to support minimising costs while using modern materials to create a home with a point of difference.

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